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  • Name: Khalida Brohi
  • Age: 21
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Company: Non-profit
  • Focus: Education
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I am an entrepreneur because life offered me much more than any other young person in my family and in my community could have ever imagined to get. I got my freedom, opportunities and support which were the true cause of my wanting all these for other young people who stood behind barriers to education, decision making, strength and support.

My Story


In most tribal areas of Pakistan there is still a severe discrimination on the basis of gender, which starts even from the birth of the child, remains prevalent. The birth of a boy is celebrate with gunfire and distributing sweets and food while the birth of girl is usually considered as shame and there is also tradition of hitting a father with shoes seven times if his wife gives birth to a girl. This discrimination becomes rampant throughout the life of the women. Khalida is a brave young woman who speaks and acts against honor killings and towards changing tribal perspectives.

About Me

My name is Khalida Brohi, I am from Balochistan Province of Pakistan. My town is located in Balochistan province near Afghanistan and Iran.

My community like any other follows tribal traditions and customs, and thus in a tribal community, the lives of women and young people are severely constrained. Child marriage, wata sata prevention from getting higher education and having no access to essential services are the key issues effecting my community. Honour killings, though illegal, are a cultural reality.

I even being from the very land, escaped these laws and did my studies in Karachi, I got every single opportunity to step further making my approach towards a brilliant success. But indeed the truth was the “freedom” which had every way of influencing me to work for those people who are less fortunate, who though having every right are left behind when it comes to decision making for their life and who look forward to traditions and customs to decide their fates. There are lots of young people, especially women who truly need to be advocated for there rights, and I felt it was my human responsibility to do what ever I can to bring positive change in the lives of these young men and women.

I am deeply passionate about bringing about a platform where race, gender, religion have no means to stand barriers in success of young people who have BIG dreams. I believe that the freedom that I got for myself with the help of my father is the right of each and every young person who is restricted of it.

My Venture

In 2004 along with a group of energetic young change makers I built the foundation of Participatory Development Initiatives (PDI) in Khuzdar, Balochistan in 2004. PDI aims to promote participatory, pro-poor, and sustainable, environment friendly and gender balanced development, for creating equal opportunities and benefits for all.

Through Participatory Development Initiatives (PDI), I was able to organize the platform for young people that I longed dreamed for. The small scale journey of PDI boosted up in 2006 when we initiated the youth participation strategies via the theater group, cricket tournaments, capacity building centers and peer-to-peer education programs. With the cricket team and theatre group, PDI holds activities and events to raise awareness and mobilize tribal people specially towards changing their perception, changing tribal codes from refraining women access to decision making, and mobilizing men against honor killing.

We also organized capacity building centers, such as computer centers, sewing centers and language center for girls and boys and offered a certificate courses for them. We had great success and about hundreds of girls and boys came to learn and be a part of the change.

In 2008 we successfully launched the WAKE UP Campaign against honor killing, aiming to contribute towards reducing the case of honor killings and ending the tribal customs of jirga system. PDI also runs cultural preservation projects to preserve and protect the positive and colorful sides of the tribal traditions under our skill development and capacity building strategy.

Now Participatory Development Initiatives runs as a vast non-governmental organization in Sindh and Balochistan, with a strong structure and about 47 staff. We are planning more programs for the future. PDI is in the process of launching an alternative livelihood program for fSindh coastal women. We formed groups of young woman who are educted about new and innovative approaches to generating a livelihood. In the future we hope to bring together a powerful network of civil society and media at a national level on the most prevailing issues like climate change, honor killing, land rights violation and also reproductive health rights. We believe that there is a great need to come together and network to achieve power over dominating issues and problems whether at local, regional or national level.


0 #4 2010-07-29 09:16
It's great to hear about your initiatives. I wish you lots of success in the fight against honor killings and to raise the status of women.
-2 #3 2010-01-23 19:48
Hi Khalida,

Very impressive work. You are first brohi female leader which as a so impressive work. I believe that I can help you. Because I am software engineer in Karachi so I can design some web sites where we can take up brohi’s and make some different sense infront of those people they are still thinking that we brohi’s are still not participating in 21 century.
So I hope you will coordinate with me for this regard.


Best regards
Ghulam Ali brohi
+1 #2 2009-12-18 08:38
salam a likum
how are you khalida..?
its really good to read about you
god bless you
+1 #1 2009-11-13 09:53
hey friend
no tribal areas no provinces nd no cities
we r all pakistani

nd most importanat

may u live long!!!!

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